A Musican’s Journey Through World War 1



Full of wit, good humor, and honesty, these letters provide a fascinating window into the War to End All Wars, with insightful organization and context from Leo’s grandson, Gary Foster.

“Notes from the Trenches” is a fascinating glimpse back in time to World War I. It is fair to say that this war has been largely overshadowed by World War II and the conflicts that have since followed.


Readers will find Leo to be brash, humorous, and possessing a brand of “gee whiz!” American optimism that seems to have largely faded from American civic life. One is amazed that despite the raging horrors of war and the normal hardships of life in that era, there was a strong attitude of pressing forward and making the best of whatever happened in life. Certainly something to glean from this book, as well as a newfound appreciation for the sacrifices of so many of that generation that our modern world continues to reap the benefits of. I highly recommend this book, and as a reader who had (I’m embarrassed to admit) a very limited knowledge of World War I, I think this is an incredible way to be introduced to the story of that conflict and the sacrifices of so many true heroes like Leo Foster.

Brady Christian – 5 Stars
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This book is amazing, it’s a love story and a real-life hero’s personal history memoir all in one. The book chronicles the transition from the enthusiastic, somewhat naïve kid next door into what we know as a Veteran. It is not something that happens overnight and it’s irreversible. That kid, will come home a different person. By reading Sergeant Foster’s letters (Notes from the Trenches), those who have never lived through the process can get an idea of what it is like to transform into being a Veteran. War experience adds another dimension to that “Veteran”. Leo’s been there, he explains it to you. You have to read it but it’s there.

This book will help you understand why Veterans do the things they do the way that Veterans do them. This book touched many emotions, there were times when I laughed out loud and there were times when I cried inside.

Perhaps more than anything else, Leo’s letters home, makes me wish I had known him. I’m glad I read the book.

Paul Ray – 5 Stars
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Gary Foster, Leo Foster’s grandson, was inspired by his grandfather’s legacy and served for 27 years in the US Navy as a naval flight officer.